ID Safe Xpress


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Our Product Highlights

Keep your private information - PRIVATE!


ID Safe Xpress  has a special feature that allows you to automatically delete from history and specific site that you have visited after you close your browser. For example, you may selectively erase each time you visit your bank account or other sites you wish your kids, roommates, etc. Will not be aware of.

Erase usernames & passwords

ID Safe Xpress performs a deep scan for usernames and passwords that are logged on your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari). You can immediately remove them and make sure they don’t stay on your computer after each session.


Delete cookies

ID Safe Xpress will search your computer of any undesirable cookies that are found on it. This will help protect you from aggressive advertisers as well as malicious hackers.

Clean or replace your browser history

ID Safe Xpress conveniently lets you to selectively delete or replace websites that you have visited and remain stored on your browser history.